Authorizations (#GiftedGirls)

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This verse is the focus of our meditation on authorizations. Believe it Gifted Girl, we have the power over granting access in our lives. We control the entrances into our respective worlds…heart, eyes, ears, family, business, ministry, etc. If we do not govern well, then our lives look like the farm in the picture. Our personal cities…broken down (no defenses) and without walls.

 Consider who we are in glory. Beautiful walled gardens. Look at the pictures of these

walled gardens. Enlarge them if you can and get a better look. The door or gate is the entrance into our lives. People on the outside only have the limited view or glimpse through a crack in the door or what they see straight ahead through the gate. Based on what they see, they come up with statements like the following:

“I know how busy you are, so I thought….”

“I knew you didn’t have time, so I didn’t invite you…but I really wanted you to…”

“You’ve got so much going on, that I knew that you couldn’t…”

These statements are subtle manipulation through people who may mean well but prove their greater contentment is with their fiction instead of our facts. Generally, I challenge every person who approaches me this way. I ask, “How did you conclude that? You don’t know what I have to do because you haven’t talked to me.”

In the Southern United States, where I am from and live, we have a common saying.

Don’t count another person’s money.

I add another … Don’t plan their lives or book their calendars.

But the people outside do this… and we let them… if we are not clear on authorizations and if we are not vigilant guards of our life’s walls.



Gifted Girls, let’s decide this year to soberly guard our lives. We control what we spend, on what, and for whom we spend. Our times are in the Lord’s hands, but our daily calendars are ours to steward and manage. 

We were already free, but today I extend permission to operate in our liberty. Let’s not let people on the outside claim authorization in our lives based on a limited view. Either we pull the curtains on our lives and block their views, or we open the door and invite them in and grant access. But let’s handle the loiterers differently.

If we need each other, let’s reach out and ask. Those we need may move things around to give aid. And if we cannot, then let’s decline without hesitation and guard our lives (walls) as unto the Lord. Yes? Yes. Selah, and love to all. 

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