Praying When THINGS are UNWELL

Blessings to you, Royal Ones.

I want to balance the scales. We considered how to pray when YOU are well and when THINGS are well. Today, let’s look at a verse that helps us pray when THINGS are UNWELL.


This verse gets tucked away until the thanksgiving holiday, or when we have a lot of pressure that clouds our view on the hand of God at work in and through our lives.

But this verse is loaded.

In every circumstance..ALL THINGS.

Give thanks…(G2168, Strong’s Concordance) grateful, feel thankful.

…for this is the will (G2307) of God in Christ Jesus concerning you…this is what God wishes to be donethis is the purpose of God to bless mankind through Christthis is His pleasure and desire for us.

Now, let’s put that together…

In every circumstance be grateful and feel thankful: for this is what God wishes you to do… for this blesses others and witnesses of Christ… for this pleases God.

Wow, right?! When things are unwell, learn to say thanks to God first.

For what?

His presence. His grace. His provision — because when we calm down, we find we have what’s necessary to thrive. His love. His peace. His witty inventions and new ideas. His sovereignty — because when we back up from what happened, and how it happened, we realize God allowed it to teach us something.

We thank Him for choosing us to manifest His grace.

Now I know this doesn’t happen overnight. So let’s let Him grow us…in every thing…and let’s cultivate feelings and responses of gratitude.

Yes? Yes! Selah, and love to all.



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