Praying When THINGS are Well

There’s a phrase the old saints used to say about how to pray when things are well with us. It was to “send up your timber,” or secure the eternal in prayer. Consistent prayer sent up was the “wood” to “build your house” in heaven. It was a deposit of sorts, to call on heaven in troubled times. 

I think we can agree that this is easier to do in good times so that in bad times we already have a discipline of seeking God for His presence and spiritual riches instead of in crisis when we need material intervention. 

Not just because this is a season where we remember to exercise gratitude, but also because this is the time of the year for closing accounts. There is shortage and lack this time of year…even if we saved and were good stewards. Reality hits us about our goals and plans for the year, and we tend to look at how little time remains to accomplish what’s left on the list.

I want to encourage our discipline, so here is a suggestion for how to pray when things are well with us. 


When we cultivate gratitude in good times, then we master our first response in bad times. That is, we get so in the habit of thanking God that when we hit a bad patch, we demonstrate consistency. Consistent thanksgiving reinforces steadfast faith. (Did you see that?)

And, it’s the will of God concerning   [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE]   . Thanksgiving in all things is an act of obedience to God’s will for us. Isn’t that something? If you have yet to discover God’s perfect will for your life, just obey until His reveal. Part of the obedience is to offer thanks to Him in all things. 

It is a good response to blessing and challenge to say, “Thank you Lord.”

When things work out to a point and then we hit a snag, it honors the Father to say, “In this Lord, I thank you. Even this works for my good.” 

In the press, with less time to spare, look to the hills and in whatever your present condition, TELL THE LORD THANK YOU. 

Selah, and love to all.

4 Comments on “Praying When THINGS are Well

  1. This is what I have been learning since I was at Promiseland and it’s gotten more powerful as I’ve practiced it. Yes, yes, yes! Keep teaching!

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