Praying When YOU Are Well

It does not take much for us to see the good for ourselves when we feel like we are in a good place and things are coming together. Prayer in this place tends to relax a bit, when it should intensify. Times of peace provide opportunities for breathing room and preparation. When we are well we are more prone to see things working for our good. We are generally more optimistic because of what we see. 

Here’s a verse to consider when we are well.

Image: (saved from

Isn’t that beautiful? We do not need as much assistance filling in the lines or spaces in our lives when we are well. We question less about our failures and pains when we are well. 

So, how should we pray? 

This is just a suggestion. We might consider reflecting prayer when we are well. Reflection strengthens our faith when we allow ourselves to see God’s steady hand upon us all along. When we realize the benefit in some pain and discomfort, then we can see our lot — where the lines have fallen — was indeed in a pleasant place. 

AND, we might consider our inheritance when we are well. What did God leave us with from the circumstance? What is the lesson or value we gained afterwards? Also, consider the adjective BEAUTIFUL. 

It hurt, was ugly or unfair. It was inconvenient, painful, or embarrassing. It was humbling. I lost a lot. I lost it all. But what I gained was a beautiful inheritance. If we keep living without seeing the value in our processes and hurts, then we our living is cheapened by only the pain. We transfer that pain to others who, if they are wise, reject it. We point the finger at others for pain at the hands of someone long ago. We act like this when we do not understand the value of our experiences. 

Enrichment comes to our relationship with God when we value what He sent or allowed…then, comes growth. 

When we are well, let’s reflect and allow Holy Spirit to clean up the remnant messes of previous battles and hurts. Let’s let Him shape our perspective and bring real healing to our hearts. 

Selah, and love to all. 


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