The Move of God for YOU (reflection)

Good day, Royal Ones.

[It is a blessing indeed to share a thought with you again. Trust, I am full of thoughts, but also pursuing obedience through this doctoral program. I think of you all often and do not cease to pray for you.] 

You know, I used to thank God with fervor in my early prayer service years because the “witching hour” was NOT my watch. He allowed me to sleep through the midnight to 3am shift, and woke me for the 4th watch, usually somewhere between 323am and 413am.

god-knowsThis year though, He offered me many opportunities to stretch and part of that meant my turn in the 3rd watch. This morning I was wide awake at 2am praying for His church, and members in particular. I want to share with you a request that came from Spirit in prayer that bore witness, and I knew it was the message from Spirit to share with you. 

The 3rd watch lasts from 12am to 3am and is known as the witching hour (search for previous posts on the prayer watches). Spiritual activity increases during this watch and wicked voices release curses against God’s people while many of us are asleep. Prayer service in this watch 

  • Comes in the name, strength and power of the Lord Jesus
  • Nullifies curses
  • Resist the works of darkness
  • Call for believers’ faith to be strengthened
  • Void demonic assignments to steal, kill and destroy
  • Judge the oppressor
  • Appeal to God as judge and plead case before Him

While in this flow, I prayed that God do what is necessary to release His people from dead, bound, lifeless places and into abundant life, liberty and fruitfulness. While waiting on Him, He replied emphatically,


Hallelujah! The Lord is surely our glory, and the lifter of our heads. Those of you suffering under expired yokes, look up as best you can, for holy help comes soon from on high to destroy Assyria’s oppressive, stealing, bankrupting yoke. 

All will be well, Beloved, and is in the process of changing and lining up with the Father’s will. He is doing what is necessary for His children. I pray you take comfort in this. 

Selah, and love to all. 

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