Everything Heals When We Talk to Him

Good day, Royal Ones. 

I’m back in school and as soon as I get a handle on my schedule (which shouldn’t be too long), I’ll resume the Judah-Levi-Tribal Identity lessons. 

Right now though, this is just an encouragement to keep praying and receive healing.

In between reading assignments my current breaks include tea and a subtitled series on Netflix spoken in Spanish. It’s called La Esclava Blanca (white slave). The storyline is complex, but if you have time to get sucked in please do! It’s a touching story.

That said, I won’t give you the back story. I’ll just tell you a major crisis happened and affected everyone on the hacienda. One woman comforting the main character said these words and it struck me,

Everything heals when we talk to Him. 

Isn’t that powerful? Thank the Lord for those who see us in our grief and once they console us and let us cry and vent, they lead us into His presence for prayer

You may be in crisis, in recovery from crisis or sense the rumblings of a coming crisis. Whichever is true for you, please know that if you pray healing is possible. It’s the children’s bread, meaning we can be satisfied and made whole in our Lord’s presence. 

Image: proverbsway.files.wordpress.com

Call the person who tried to pray with you who you delayed or gave the brush-off. Take them for tea or out to dinner. Or, just say thank you. Bless the agents of healing in your life. 

This one statement reminded me of the simplicity of our faith in Jesus Christ. Amen? Amen. 

Selah, and love to all. 

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