Scribe Support (an appeal)

Today I am moved to issue a call to God’s scribes. Let’s start with definitions. Consider the regression of this word, work and group of people. 

scribe \’skrīb\ noun

  1. a member of a learned class in ancient Israel through New Testament times studying the Scriptures and serving as copyists, editors, teachers, and jurists
  2. a: an official or public secretary or clerk; b: a copier of manuscripts
  3. writer; specifically: journalist

merriam-webster online


Do you see the definitions go from an honored occupation and class to a common journalist? I think it is sad how little regard we have for the written word of God and those who write it. It is honorable to write God’s words and to answer the call to steward and share the written word. 

We preserve God’s legacy in the earth, and that is a high honor. We see written word projects as not just for now, but we see their potential impact for the future — before the marketing plan or the headshot. Let’s stay true to our tasks. It is overwhelming at times because the words keep coming — for us, for others, and for the target audiences. It is respectable but not popular to commit to the research, and processes for writing an excellent word. 

There are many voices who feel the “urgency” to write a book. They believe God issued the task. Yet far less fulfill their obedience to publication. They envision their name on a perfect binding and their headshot on the back with a short, impressive bio. They schedule the photo shoot and reach out to people like me to help them write their books. They have the initial meetings with zeal and try to convince themselves that their lives require no major adjustments while writing the book. But when it’s time to write, they budget no set times to listen, meditate and write. They are not compelled by love for God to complete His task as an offering back to Him. 

My appeal to the scribes of our day is to WRITE. You know as well as I that the urgency journalpeople feel to write does not mean books. The urgency we feel is the indication that HIS WORD IS COMING. The urgency is to GET IN POSITION AND WRITE DOWN HIS WORDS. It is a strong desire to make sure the people, when they finally decide to turn to God’s Word, will have a place to turn and a written record of what He said. And today, the final result can be books, manuals, bookmarks, stage plays, essays, recorded audio and/or video, devotional books, daily thought calendars, etc. The final product can be whatever is necessary for the target audience who needs the word

Copyist – someone who made copies of documents or maps by hand before printing became common 

Editor – someone who edits especially as an occupation

Teacher – one whose occupation it is to instruct

Jurist – one having thorough knowledge of law; especially: judge

merriam-webster online

The prophetic nature of scribal service is God’s timing and legacy. He allows us to feel the urgency like it’s right now, knowing how we will teeter-totter and vacillate. He knows the time of the words release and gives us a window to complete it. That’s what makes writing for God amazing. We finish because we love Him, want to please Him, want Him to know we value His choice of us for this task, and desire the people to know what their God says to them. And the Father uses our willingness and obedience to preserve legacy.

My dear scribes, let’s stay focused on the task at hand. Review the first of the definitions; we are a learned class. Let’s remain learners and lovers of Truth. Let’s keep our ear to the true oracles of God and write down His message. In this age of noise, empty rhetoric and circular logic, let’s partner with the vessels of God who dare speak what He is really saying.

Let’s assist them and in these worthy efforts, find our own way to abundant life. 


As well, my appeal to the scribal tribe is that we lay aside the weight of the disobedient and keep it moving. It is frustration of the highest kind when we who commit to obey through the written word keep encouraging those who will not stop and write. They keep reaching out to us for help, but when we ask how it’s going they have a scroll but it’s full of excuses. Be free scribes, and manage God’s words well. 

Scribes are not just writers, but we write as a function or expression of other divine commitmenttasks –– government, Levitical worship, experts in the law, and I’d add today education, the arts, etc. They were taught and challenged by Jesus directly. As this is true, so everyone with the urge to write is not a scribe. Also, scribal calling and gifting is not limited to the gift of administration. We are not assigned to everyone; let’s not get boxed in to executive assistant roles just because we can do the work. We execute in the interest of God and His Words through His vessels. 

To my tribe, I encourage our continued commitment. Many remain unaware, but soon will know their need for the written word of God to them. We write now, so they will have a place to seek Him later. Amen.

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