Dear Jaded Intercessor,

jaded adjective  jad·ed  \ˈjā-dəd\

feeling or showing a lack of interest and excitement caused by having done or experienced too much of something (

Dear Jaded Intercessor,


The time is soon coming when you will breathe again, without that weight on your soul. You will get release and relief from the current season’s pressure. You will have real and lasting joy again. You will rejoice and mean it. There is a place beyond belief alone, and you will get there. In truth, you are well on your way.

You are well.

And, you are on your way.

Until then, you must not keep silent. You must press through disappointment. You must love the saints. You must stay in place. You must allow Him to treat your heart.

No, there is nowhere for you to turn. You have little to no help. There is no just and ready and safe support for you. He made it so to keep you coming back to Him, the fountain of living waters. For the people to rely on broken cisterns, there must be a standard to point to the source of real and abundant life (See Jeremiah 2). You, intercessor, stand to point the people to the source. Stop gathering them, and point the way.

Some of you insist on carrying His weight. You choose to “take the hit” when He finished the work,


and you feel lost as a result. No intercessor works alone. We all labor with Christ for the perfect will of God. You and your ability — sight, hearing, etc. — are insufficient for the loads the people carry. Fulfill your obedience and bring them all to Him. And in Him, complete the prayer assignment. In Him, get your balance back. 

Some of you fight distraction with all your might, but your leaders are distracted. And so you wearily endure days and nights of broken focus. You reach for prophecies to remind Him of His promise, but your belief suffocates because of unproductive Word and prayer times.

Keep going back to your Father. Even if silence is your offering, keep going back. With tears, sit and BE in His presence. Show up for your appointments with Him. And let your heart cry out. Pour out your whole heart. And forget feeling better. 


heartless cared

Some of you are falling out of love with your leader and your assignment. You love the people, but you feel like the walls are closing in… Many voices say it is time for you to leave. They warn you not to miss your moment, etc. They do not attend your local church. They do not know your leader’s heart. They have no back story. And many of them have no firsthand witness. Stand still until you know His plan fully. Do not jump ship because of what you see, or because you do not see manifestation of God’s work through your Spirit-led prayers. Regardless of anointing and process, we know in part and we prophesy in part. God remains sovereign, and He works after the counsel of His own will…not our recommendations. He’s got this, and our strength levels are not the measuring stick. 

Some of your leaders are going through great testing — direction, connection, separation, stretching, preparation, instruction — and they are trying to tell which way is HIS up. You are needed now more than ever. It is you the Father graces to stay, to endure tantrums in the preaching, to endure seeping character flaws, to remain in the messes these called men/women create. He graces you to bring it all back to Him…and trust Him. 

Beloved, it is not about what we see. It is about what we do with what we see. It is not about our ear to hear, but whether we hear with pure filters and can lift immediately the Lord’s burden back to Him. 

You, dear and favored intercessor, are trusted with God’s most valuable treasures — HIS PEOPLE. Proceed with caution, and let Him bind up your wounds. Let Him restore your heart to life. Let Him love you, and let His love in you keep flowing toward the people. He will amaze you with His grace. He will overshadow you with the ability to finish well. 

Without ceasing, I remember you in my prayers. 

With love sincerely,

The Intercessor Who Survived


7 Comments on “Dear Jaded Intercessor,

  1. Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name Thy Kingdom come…. You are so loving and supportive. I found great council this morning.
    Thank you father you know the way I take and YOU put your words of life in my path this morning to encounter with YOU!!! life and draw near to YOU!!!! in spirit and wisdom.

      • Thank you for allowing God to use you with this work I needed it I really really needed it thank you again so much God bless you hope to see you soon

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