A Successful Rescue (Martian reflection)

“A successful rescue in outer space… They have done what many people thought was impossible. Mark Watney has been successfully rescued.”

The announcer declared this live to a worldwide audience when the Hermes crew came back for astronaut Mark Watney in the move The Martian. During a sudden strong storm on Mars, the crew thought Watney dead when he was only injured and knocked unconscious. They followed instructions from NASA to leave immediately. Watney woke up to find himself alone on Mars.

Not just because I’m a Matt Damon fan (AND we share the same birthday), but I was so moved by The Martian that I own it! And I admit, I watch the rescue scene quite a lot. If you’ve been with me in this online community for a while, then you know movies speak to me. 



Astronaut Mark Watney on Mars in The Martian. Image: cinemavine.com


Today I want to encourage you if you feel like astronaut Mark Watney in The Martian.

  • part of a team, but left behind in a crisis situation that injured and cut your communication ability
  • left with the team’s resources to figure out solutions for survival in a place where nothing grows or is meant to live
    • food supply
    • communications restore
    • survival until the next team arrives
  • forced to embrace terminal possibilities in a place/environment you were only prepared to visit, but now you must live…until you die or are rescued. 

While I’m certain producers and writers intended no spiritual parallels in The Martian, the glaring metaphor is unavoidable.

If you are a visual learner, and know what it’s like to be 

  • connected, but disconnected

    Mark Watney recovers pathfinder. This is key to restoring communication with NASA. Image: filmjunk.com.
  • known, yet alone
  • hopeful while staring at terminal reality
  • sad in your perseverance
  • weak in your strength
  • determined not to die here

ALL AT THE SAME TIME…then please, consider watching your life on-screen in The Martian. I hope they don’t mind me telling you that it will bless your life. (smile)

There’s a hope I want to give you that when the Lord deems necessary, you will have your own SUCCESSFUL RESCUE. With your participation, and the encouragement and efforts of many, you’ll solve the problems and adjust course to reunite with life and support and health and peace again. 

That’s the point. God can bring you back to earth from your Mars. He can support the elaborate effort for your rescue. And the reward for survival on this level is not the table prepared in the presence of your enemies (Psalm 23:5). The reward is your life back, but different after facing absolute impossibility and helplessness. The reward is a restored view of community, faith and love when what never meant to desert you returns for you and carries you back. [lift your hands right there and thank the Lord!]


Crew of the Hermes for the AresIII mission. (cast of The Martian). Image: vcpost.com.


Newsflash — 

  • Mars is bigger than you, your gift, your anointing, and your history with God. 
  • You are not Moses on the backside of the wilderness.
  • You are not Joseph thrown in the pit by your family.
  • You are not David on the run from an abusive and intimidated Saul.
  • You are not Peter warming himself while Jesus endures trial.

You, my dear Royal One, are YOU. on Mars — in mind, emotions, and/or experience. You are far away from what He created for you (Psalm 115:16).


Mark Watney positioned to launch and rendevous with crew in outer space. Image: http://movietvtechgeeks.com


So here are some suggestions for permitting the rescue. [Remember, the crew needs your participation…and it takes getting over you and getting in there with the team remotely to get yourself home.]

  1. Do not fight your help.
  2. Do not resist the crew who loves you and comes back for you to facilitate your return to earth.
  3. Keep in mind that your death was never the plan. You should not die on Mars!
  4. Let the huge expanse of God’s love and care (aka space) bring you all the way back. 

Look towards your rescue and LIVE, Royal Ones! Selah, and watch The Martian.

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