When Revelation Has a Human Target

Revelation in itself is generic. It comes to all, regardless of faith persuasion or conviction. It simply brings the bearer to greater awareness which often leads to insight, understanding, and ideally a behavior modification. In the Body of Christ though, we hold this word dear as a link between what we know and what God opens us up to see, hear and perceive…making it divine revelation.

revelation (n.) – something that is revealed, especially an astonishing or shocking disclosure; a pleasant often enlightening surprise; an act of revealing to view or making known; an act of revealing or communicating divine truth (Merriam-Webster Online)

Biblical precedent to revelation connects to the prophetic office. God says He authenticates a prophet by dreams and visions. He speaks in dreams. He reveals Himself in visions. (See Numbers 12:1-6)

God’s intention for divine revelation is an introduction for us to a hidden part of Himself, and expression of the revelation through our lives.

So if our revelation has a human target — if it reveals something about a person — and does not re-introduce us to the Father…then it is soulish revelation.

Let’s measure that thought.

MIND: Thinking led us to revelation (common sense, reasoned thought)

WILL: We assign/prescribe/judge a person’s condition, and our “solution” becomes revelation

EMOTIONS: How we feel decides for us who another is to us or to others

INTELLECT: We attach an idea/principle to others’ behavior and call it revelation

IMAGINATION: We create “possibilities” to justify opinions and call it revelation

God offers revelation — or, invites us further into ourselves, IN HIM — so we know where to take the people in Him. 

How does our great God get glory by telling you personal details about someone else, and you’re not interceding, just hoarding details to share at will? That’s not divine revelation… IF THOUGH, He shows you inside someone’s heart and life TO SHOW YOU DEFICIENCY OR NEED OR OPPORTUNITY IN YOUR HEART AND LIFE…now we’re getting somewhere.

you are the targetThe real human target of divine God-breathed revelation is us. God chooses through various means to get us open and ready to know Him in a way that helps us and helps us help others via our gifts and calling (See Romans 11:29) and our ministry and message of reconciliation (See 2 Corinthians 5:18-19).

Remember Dear Ones, we are a BODY…FITLY JOINED TOGETHER…and there are tons of services and conferences and other events that subtly keep division going. Beware and walk in love. God’s love unifies, it reaches out…and it reveals…but all is point to Him — not who will bless us, or have to come back around and need us, or who God will “get” for mistreating us. 

Let’s come up, Royal Ones. The world waits with less patience on us to settle in divine revelation and bring them in to the chamber. 

Selah, and love to all. 

2 Comments on “When Revelation Has a Human Target

  1. RevelationSo well put.  Thanks for the lesson for today. God bless you. What you give usalways come in the time of need. Yes lets rise up.

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