The Beauty, Risk & Necessity of Buy-In

Royal Ones, 

Let’s continue from the last entry “God’s Hired Guns.” A crucial element on either side of the God-line is buy-in. This is not a new concept, but I share this after an “explosion” of sorts after observation of ministry in the city where I live over the last 12-18 months.

Buy-in is powerful and beautiful and necessary for any new or existing idea. Leadership moves because people buy-in. Movements take over and change paradigms because people buy-in. When we buy-in, we say to the person or idea we support, “You express what’s been in myemployee-buy-in mind/heart about this” OR “You open up my vision to a whole new way of seeing this/that.”

The beauty of buy-in is the peace and energetic life that come from supporting a grand idea. We walk for cures because we know someone affected by lupus, breast cancer or another horrible disease. We give to further research efforts because we hope for an AIDS free world. We give our lives in service to local churches and other nonprofit missions because we believe the cries of passionate activists and leaders who galvanize us to action. We love the sense of camaraderie buy-in brings — the hope for real synergy and progress. When we release ourselves to be all in, there’s a flow that takes us forward.


To lead, shepherd, pastor, influence, direct, manage, etc. we need buy-in. We need people to show up for our cause. The risk of buy-in is individual and corporate trust, love, time, energy and the investment of money and roots (dropping anchor to build). The risk of buy-in is compromise… that over time, we turn the original vision into a circus of requirements and conditions. Things like, if they jump through hoops for us, then we grant them our “coveted and conditional” support, presence, endorsement and approval. When we buy-in, we risk total failure… but we pursue in a blaze of glory. We agree. We come alongside. It — the movement, the partnership, the idea — can bloom and blossom, or it can create unintended harm. But we risk it…because on some level we believe in the possibilities.

engagement1 buy-in

Buy-in is crucial… to start, to finish and all the steps in between. The necessity of buy-in is its power. Over the recent months I watch how politics, world affairs, moral issues, civil rights issues and so on inspire people to speak and rally and protest. I observe the central figures emerge and influence people to new tracks of thought, and from there present new language to the world. I remain amazed at how we blend our individual need to belong with the corporate need to be heard and champion for those who need a voice. We possess Godly compassion to connect for greater causes, and this includes God’s cause for souls and Kingdom advancement. 


When we consider our position in Kingdom service — covenant versus contract — we must consider buy-in.

  • Did we buy-in to a leader?
  • Did we come alongside the mission and vision to move it forward?
  • Do we still believe in the leader?
  • Have the wounds of service averted our gaze to another cause?
  • Did our buy-in glorify Jesus? 
  • Are we the leader who now needs to cultivate buy-in, but we remain in comfortable followship?
  • Did the target of our buy-in go off course? If so, do we have enough influence to restore order?

The list can go on and on. And what’s more, buy-in can exist without heart-level commitment. That’s been the biggest observation for me… In recent months, I watched and questioned people who bought in to an original vision. They vested themselves in making the movement happen. Yet in their hearts they were far from it… in fact, these amazing men and women felt strong pulls to give voice to the movement in their heart. Yet they remained at the place of buy-in…without commitment. They checked out. 

Royal Ones, beware of the power and near seduction of buy-in. We can support a cause, give our gifts and resources to move it forward, and yet our hearts be planted in something else (also divine, and more for us). Celebrate if your buy-in brings abundant life, building block opportunities and open doors for God’s desire in your heart! And if in the re-assess you find your buy-in expired or stagnant, then celebrate awareness — get to doing what God put in your hands and heart to do.

Sincerely, love to all. Selah.

Images: Buy-in, Engagement 

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