The Berean Study, Intro (discipleship class)

Royal Ones, 

DiscipleshipDISCIPLESHIP CLASS IS BACK!!! Praise the Lord, it’s time to study God’s Word together. This year, we offer discipleship class cycle two ONLINE.

Expect the following in each monthly post, for the next five months:

  1. Short audio lesson (simple expository teaching)
  2. Handout to follow along and create personal notes

Many of you teach and disciple others, so you’ll hear several points of emphasis that can lead you on rewarding additional trails of study. Please, do so…and share here in the comments section! My task with this cycle of discipleship classes is clear.

  1. To consider in context some “popular” and often misquoted or poorly applied verses and passages of scripture
  2. To search the scriptures and discover the truth as Holy Spirit reveals, and align and/or discard previous teachings received

Session one introduces The Berean Study from Acts 17:1-15. We learn the significance of Berea and examine the immediate events around Paul and Silas’ experience there. 

Audio Lesson: The Berean Study, Intro

Handout: 01 Berean Study Handout

Thank you for joining me on this discipleship journey. The truth is we are as effective as our discipleship. How we follow God is how we lead others. Father, help us to Reign Well. 

Selah, and love to all!

Image: Dare to be a Disciple

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