Dear Prayer Leader, move the service forward.

Dear Prayer Leader, 

Just a reminder — we are part of the Body of Christ. We serve with the Body. We exist with the Body, not as a Patmos community exiled to pray. 

So, when we have the honor to lead corporate prayer in the local assembly on any platform, let’s take care to move the service forwardIn some settings prayer comes after praise and worship. But even if it’s programmed first, please consider this — 

When the breakers (the ones who break through for us first) open up a way, we build on that and let the Father minister to us. We do not have to build a whole new way.

The two “safest” ways to move corporate worship forward and experience authentic anointing as the prayer leader are to…

  1. FOLLOW HOLY SPIRIT everywhere He leads you in prayer. Go on this journey with Him. It may include prophetic intercession, exhortation or declaration. But follow Him and obey.
  2. PRAY SCRIPTURE…in context. There are many benefits to this.
    • Praying the Word reminds us we address the One with ALL power. 
    • Praying the Word builds our faith for bold petitions. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. (See Hebrews 4:16, Romans 10:17)
    • God magnifies His word above His name. So while we rejoice that there is no other name above the name of Jesus, let’s invoke the power of the Word as well. (See Psalm 138:2)
    • God’s Word cannot return to Him empty. His word is so powerful it has to fulfill itself. So even if there is little to no natural response from the people, we take them further with the Word. (See Isaiah 55:11)
    • Praying the Word governs our prayers into faith and out of sight. Also, this practice moves us out of soulish prayers (too cerebral, too logical, too emotional). (See 2 Corinthians 5:7)

shoes-were-moving-forward-tA Note About Atmospheres

Prayer leaders help us collectively drop the weight…not by encouraging us to “set the atmosphere,” but by exhortation and leading us to submit to the One who Sovereignly Reigns. Calling on “atmospheres” is low because each individual enters the local assembly with his/her own atmosphere (stuff in and around us we bring with us that prayer and worship leaders help us drop to experience God’s power in a fresh way together). 

A Thought about Prayer Bullies

Bullying the people to do what we do is futile. We are leading. Yes, encourage verbal expression. But keep leading until our contribution to the worship experience is complete. [And, that can be done within the time our senior leaders give us to pray.]

Final Thoughts

Pure emotional release in corporate prayer without biblical grounding deceives us into thinking we’ve entered a realm closer to manifest Presence. The Word discerns motive, separates soul from spirit, and helps us lift acceptable offerings of prayer that align with God’s will…for the local house and for the people.

Be encouraged prayer leaders and do your good work today, and every time you stand before the Lord’s people to lead them closer to HIM. 

Selah, and love to all. 

Image: forward together

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