Dear Prayer Leader, please use wisdom.

[Similar to the “letters” to Gifted Girls and 20somethings,I’m inspired to share with prayer leaders in the local Christian church.]

Dear Prayer Leader, 

Please don’t pick a fight with devils and agitate the demonic. We gain more ground praying God’s Word.

We are citizens of the Kingdom of God, and are His ambassadors to/on earth.

Ambassadors are sent and stationed. 

When we go where we are not sent or go and end up out of position — regardless of “good” intention or pure motive — then we move outside our “lane” of delegated authority.

Then, we subject ourselves to and become subject to lower earthly and carnal kingdoms and systems, and their protocols. Meaning, we must call on God’s mercy and grace for rescue from our own way…

I attended an assembly and during what was programmed as intercessory prayer I started to pray for the prayer leader. She engaged the demonic with tears and declaration…and little scripture. Her offering of prayer was beautiful in purity and passion and sincerity; it was indeed a fervent prayer without pride or presumption. But she agitated the demonic and “declared war” when the Word of God (aka the sword of the Spirit) could have cut up the obstacle. 

gods-wisdom-02So I beg us prayer leaders, to lift public prayers with wisdom. Let’s stay steady, even in the ecstasy of “atmosphere” and not pick a fight with a devil in the assembly. We do not declare war. 

We walk/live by the faith of the Son of God, who achieved victory on our behalf…ALREADY. Let’s offer a consistent public prayer in the assembly. The work of Christ remains finished. 

THE POINT: If we lift Jesus, He draws all men to Himself. (this works for prayer too!)

Let’s talk to God more than devils (#Jesus’Example). Let’s stay on the offensive and lead the saints to pray Bible prayers. 

Let’s study to show ourselves approved to God, workmen who do not need to be ashamed because we send His Word the right way in prayer. 

Dear prayer leader, consider the dry places (souls of men, women and children with little to no or not enough water — Spirit and Word — to resist the demonic or to defend and cover their own souls). Namely, the

  1. Unsaved — they are present in the assembly and have no spiritual knowledge of this kind of activity
  2. Backslidden, lukewarm and uncommitted — they set themselves against God’s everlasting love and pursuit of them and hearts may be hard
  3. Familiar and religious spirits — they seem to engage and participate in the prayer experience, but they deny God’s power to transform their lives
  4. Children — this is obviously stated
  5. Unlearned — they are present and without understanding

Agitating the demonic creates more harm than help. If we follow Holy Ghost into the corporate prayer experience, we will wreak havoc anyway in anti-Christ and opposing systems and realms. It happens anyway…

What’s the solution , then? A WORD LIFE. Not the piece-mealing of scripture out of context that goes on in some places today, but the actual Bible verse(s) offered with its intention. There’s no “rule” to memorize, just to hide the Word in our hearts. 

Trust, Jesus was right when he said it’s what goes out of us that defiles. Prayer Leader, WORD UP. Let’s keep our Word levels high. Let’s swim in the high tide of revelation and Spirit led prayer. Let’s be mindful of our honor to lead the community of disciples into His presence in corporate worship. 

Selah, and love to all. 

Image: Godly wisdom

One Comment on “Dear Prayer Leader, please use wisdom.

  1. I love the call for accountability and staying in our “lane.” We don’t have to declare war on the enemy in order to frustrate and wreak havoc on him. Just follow the Spirit’s lead and pray the Word of God. Thank you for the reminder to stay consistent in the Word!

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