Quiet Departure (#GiftedGirl)

Dear Gifted Girl,

transition words posterIf I know you, you already made three or four compelling arguments. Your tried to convince. You made compromise attempts. You even made some beneficial changes. You grew up in some ways. You dropped some habits in the process. 

Yet you received no reciprocation. No mutual investment. No return on your investment. 

Not that you gave more, but you gave simply, honestly and with a pure heart and intention. And still, very little to nothing. 

You thought the next move’s possibilities to death. You hung on just in case all your time and effort panned out. After all you tried and attempted for the win, you remained stalled. 

Now, you want one more talk…just to see…just to hear…just to know for sure. 

May I tell you something, Gifted Girl?

Do not discount the quiet departure…the silent exodus…the peaceful resignation. 

It’s the kind that makes neither noise nor scene. It’s the kind that performs the last rites for your heart so there’s no lingering burden. 

But, you may ask, what about this or what about that? Well, it was already missing from the equation, right? If so, then what difference does waiting make now? Will you really see it happen?

Be encouraged. You see what you see, and you hear what you hear. Most of the signs are quite obvious. May the Lord lead you to His abundant life, with who and what are most needful for the journey. 

Selah, and love to all.

NOTE: This may be broadly applied. 

Image: Cropped from transition word poster

2 Comments on “Quiet Departure (#GiftedGirl)

    • Amen! This is a strategy not often taken because of the temptation to make noise.

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