Every Lie Isn’t Spoken (reflection)

We live what we believe, even if we’ve yet to identify clearly our beliefs. 

Behavior follows belief, so all we do is rooted in what we believe. 

As disciples of Christ, we live off of His word. We do our best to sit under sound doctrine and obey the general principles of scripture. We move out in faith on what we believe we see (dreams, visions) and hear in personal devotion time. 

But what is the truth?

Jesus said we are His disciples if we continue in His word (not the word we think we see and hear); and we shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free. (See John 8:31-32)

Are we willing to consider that some lack of progress is not due to process, but an active lie at work? 

Are we willing to lay down what we believe we received in prayer to search for truth? This means investigating our behaviors…and following them back to our beliefs.

For some of us, the answers we seek are staring us in the face. It’s an uncomfortable truth revealing a lie yes, but also inviting us to be made free.

There’s a common phrase we say, “It is what it is.” Very true. Now, will we see it?

There’s no need to wait for proof when our Lord reveals the truth.  It’s simply time to decide — that what I thought was gain I now count as loss for the sake of knowing Christ (See Philippians 3:7).

These days, every lie is not spoken in our hearing. Some lies we live with but miss because we look for signs instead of investigating our own behavior. 

Just a thought for our consideration. Selah, see well, and love to all. 






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