Hard Wired for Prayer (style to temperament)

Kingdom Greetings!

Thanks to all who attended the prayer clinic in person and by phone. I’m still in awe of what the Father did for us! My prayer is that we better understand ourselves, and can now get over us and into the Lord’s work in our local churches.

Here are the links to the notes for prayer styles. If I gave them to you early, I would have had no material to teach! 

Popular Sanguine – Franciscan Prayer Style (Popular Sanguine)

Powerful Choleric – Augustine Prayer Style (Powerful Choleric)

Perfect Melancholy – Ignatian Prayer Style (Perfect Melancholy)

Peaceful Phlegmatic – Thomistic Prayer Style (Peaceful Phlegmatic)

Also, here’s the outline of Jesus’ prayer in John 17. 

Activity-Augustine Choleric

It was our activity to help us understand how Powerful Cholerics read the scripture as if God / Jesus / Holy Spirit (depending on the scripture reference) speaks to them directly. Use this as a model; there are many prayers to build from Scripture!

As well, we include again for your reference the chart of temperament blends. This may prove helpful as you refuel and review during this year. Temperament Natural Blends

Here are a few shots for those who joined us by conference line. Thank you again…you made the greatest sacrifice.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you for your time and investment in quality Christian Education! I knew this was needed, but your testimonies keep blowing me away. Praise God for His good thoughts concerning us. Amen!

Save the date for the Sweet Dreams II live taping Saturday, April 2, 2016. Please prayerfully consider joining my live audience that day. For the night owls, we start serving breakfast at 8am…so you won’t be late! Taping begins at 9am and should wrap up by 12noon. We’ll send you off with a light lunch. No charge to attend. Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, 6819 Lake June Road, Dallas, Texas 75217. 

Love, love, love to all!

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