Stop Creating Accountability (literal people, part 3)

Here is a basic scenario.

  • Person A is literal, black-and-white, and “straight line.”
  • Person B is more open, full of color, and more fluid.
  • Both are productive, fruit-bearing trees.
  • Both want respect for their proven records of fruitfulness.

This is fine until B promises A something (no matter how small), and does not do it. 

Dont-Challenge-Me_o_114508A simply inquires about B’s promise, but B does not like being challenged.

The result? B has an excuse for every lack of follow through, and A gradually loses trust/faith in B’s word. 

Word to B: Stop creating more accountability. If you dislike challenge, then discipline your speech and stop making promises to show up, call back or pay back what you owe. Understand it’s because A respects what you can do  that A holds you accountable

Word to A: Numbers 23:19 NLT says, “God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?” Divinity only functions in truth, stability, action and follow through. This is why we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Phil. 4:13). Humanity functions in untruth, change, failure to act, and lack of follow through. Take care not to judge B so harshly when B does what we all do

Principle: People can legitimately hold us to what we promised.

Think of the pieces of scripture and promise we are waving before God right now! He created a high bar of accountability for Himself, and we hold Him to it. We brag about His ability and renew our faith and hope daily to trust Him for the result. We recall His word to Him and He likes it! He likes it so much that He exceeds Himself daily. 

Just a thought. When others hold us accountable it’s because they want to buy in completely to who we showed them. They want to believe the best of us and give us a chance not to prove it like we owe them the result, but to demonstrate it so we can keep them in a place of regard. 

We like to spout off on occasion that we do not care about public opinion, but the truth is that people’s high opinions of us matter. And when we sully those opinions — through lack of follow through or harsh judging —  we should care. 

Selah, and love to all. 

Image: Challenge

2 Comments on “Stop Creating Accountability (literal people, part 3)

  1. Wooooowwww!!! This was just what the Doctor ordered. Thanks sis. I soooo needed this!!

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