Month: December 2015

Don’t Be Angry with Your Answered Prayer (reflection)

My mind, like yours, catalogs thoughts all day. At certain thoughts, I utter prayers to the Father. This week one of my thoughts-turned-prayer was Lord, please help me not to resent how long I waited that I become angry with my answered prayer.  Yeah.… Continue Reading “Don’t Be Angry with Your Answered Prayer (reflection)”

Prayer for Harvest of Peace (prayer call)

Good day, Royal Ones. Seven down, two to go. Please click here to listen to this prayer call. Scriptural Focus: Isaiah 26:3 NASB — The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, because he trusts in You. We prayed the disciples of… Continue Reading “Prayer for Harvest of Peace (prayer call)”

Micaiah, the Last Holdout (reflection)

Micaiah is my favorite prophet in Scripture. Read about him in 1 Kings 22. King Ahab tries to convince King Jehoshaphat to go to war. He has all the prophets in the land prophesy agreement with his desire for war. But King Jehoshaphat asks to… Continue Reading “Micaiah, the Last Holdout (reflection)”

Jochobed Intercession (covering prayers)

First, Jochobed is Moses’ mother. Do not get nervous; she’s in the bible. The Lord allowed me to teach a lesson recently called The Anonymous Anointed. Without getting into all of the backstory, I want to share one of history’s most powerful intercessors with… Continue Reading “Jochobed Intercession (covering prayers)”

Prayer for Harvest of Joy (prayer call)

Royal Ones, Please accept my apology for the scratchy voice. I just returned from a conference where I shouted to the Lord and prayed and cried and rejoiced…until my voice gave way. For that reason the prayer is shorter than our usual. Click here to… Continue Reading “Prayer for Harvest of Joy (prayer call)”

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