Full Detachment from the Familiar

Royal Ones, 

The familiar is comfortable, even if it’s unhealthy. It creates a kind of cushion and insulation to stay in it because we know it. We know the good seasons and predict the bad seasons. We develop habits and rhythms, all based on what’s familiar. We think we hide well, but we are quite exposed. We have motion but no real movement nor progress.

When anything or anyone becomes familiar we keep them close for comfort, but make no progress for fear… or laziness.

Yet, we believe God for the elusive “greater.” 

But we won’t detach from the familiar for the “greater” and “the new thing.”

With God, ascension always requires detachment from previous comfort to latch on to new adventures. Beloved, this says it best:

results or excuses

Go ahead and choose. Keep the excuses rolling. Or, get to the results. 

The beauty of God’s gift of free will is when we intentionally choose Him. We choose to please Him. We desire fellowship with Him, and out of that create ways and means for others to know Him. When He imparts vision to our hearts, we move with certain obedience that fuels results. 

Detachment is a choice to let go of familiarity, and turn all our energy and strength toward the Lord for His next. Please consider this because familiarity has strong arms; familiar places and people and habits do not release us easily. We must have motivation and inspiration to produce God-vision and accomplish God-goals… and this helps us make the break. 

WHAT IS FAMILIAR? Cycles of conversation that promise change yet yield no real fruit. Maintaining soulish covenants under the erroneous belief that God honors faithfulness here (not so). Loyalty to sound bite faith with weak, little or no root in Scripture. Childhood pronouncements and self-fulfilling prophecy, because we follow the strongest voice and stay in battle against God’s word for/over our lives.

And when people challenge our toxic cycles we excuse ourselves and give our plans as proof for moving forward. But we remain tied. 

Here’s the thing though — ALL OF US HAS TO DETACH. We can detach in emotion but remain physically present with the familiar. That still weakens us toward getting results. No! Do not settle with indifference! Pack all of you up and go after God’s objectives with results in mind! DESTROY THE OLD TAPES THAT REPLAY FAMILIAR VOICES AND CONVINCE US WE CAN NEVER MOVE AHEAD. CUT THE ROPE!

Don’t hang on and don’t keep people hanging on in your life. If you do, then you become an agent of the familiar — a liar, a manipulator, a puppeteer, a deceiver. Just tell the truth and let us all be free. 

You can’t have both excuses and results… and God won’t always force a separation. He will force us to CHOOSE. Choose to Choose. Choose Him. Choose Obedience. Choose Follow Through. Choose Results. Choose the New Life. Choose to Stick to the Process for the New Life. Challenge and Cast Down Excuses. And we’ll all be better for it. 

SELAH, and love to all.

Image: results or excuses

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