Month: December 2015

Prepare Our Hearts for Harvest (prayer call)

Well, Royal Ones, we made it to the conclusion of the Fruitful Vines Prayer Call Series. Thank you for joining, listening and sharing these prayer calls. Based on Acts 14:16-17, we obeyed Holy Spirit’s leading to command harvest for the disciples of Jesus Christ. … Continue Reading “Prepare Our Hearts for Harvest (prayer call)”

Prayer for Harvest of Hope (prayer call)

We’re almost there — eight calls down, and one to go in the the Fruitful Vines Harvest Prayer Call Series. Thanks for joining and/or listening to the calls. Click here to listen to this recording.  People meet the holiday season with mixed responses. There… Continue Reading “Prayer for Harvest of Hope (prayer call)”

Life with Literal People, Pt. 2

Truth: We envy your free and almost wild ability to take risks.  Truth: We wish, at least 10 times in our lives, that we weren’t so serious. We wish it didn’t get us the, um, inconvenient treatment. Truth: We think your carefree manner is… Continue Reading “Life with Literal People, Pt. 2”

Life with Literal People, Pt. 1

I mulled this over for months — what to say and how to give voice to what many of us experience if we are literal, serious people. My guess is that it may take two blogs (at least) to share. So let’s begin. You… Continue Reading “Life with Literal People, Pt. 1”

Full Detachment from the Familiar

Royal Ones,  The familiar is comfortable, even if it’s unhealthy. It creates a kind of cushion and insulation to stay in it because we know it. We know the good seasons and predict the bad seasons. We develop habits and rhythms, all based on what’s familiar.… Continue Reading “Full Detachment from the Familiar”

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