Prayer for Family Harvests

Four down, five to go. Please click here to listen to the prayer for family harvests.


We set our faith in agreement for issues families prayed for this year — husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, blended families, backslidden family members, obedient children on the Lord’s set path for them, unsaved family members, etc.

We asked the Lord to end the visitation of iniquity that He promised to the third and fourth generation. We prayed for bold faith and courageous witness to perpetuate righteousness in Kingdom families. We prayed God allow us to be the model again, with the faith to go against the grain of the culture and operate Kingdom family models.

We prayed God bless the family and realign all visions with His. He gave us the family before He gave us the church. We prayed family leadership remember families are their first church.

Image: harvest

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