The Power of Encouragement (reflection)

Yesterday I attended one of the most impacting worship services. The Lord kissed us during the worship; it was one of those you-had-to-be-there-open-heaven-divine moments in corporate worship one remembers always. It was a mysterious moment in that we reached for God with every thing in us, but only time will show what He deposited in us and worked out for us.

With the grace and wisdom of a faith general, Bishop Robert Nichols (River of Life Church) preached a message about the power of agreement and the ability God’s about to give us to “put our hands on” some things and maintain them.

In part of the message he explained the kinds of people one needs in their circle. One of those people is an encourager. Then he blew me away when he said,

If you’re the only one in your circle who pats you on the back, then it’s because you surrounded yourself with haters and people who don’t have your best interest (paraphrase). 

This went through me because I grew up with the greatest cheerleaders — my parents, my sister and my home church. As a child I learned how to congratulate others’ successes. I grew up in environments of celebration for all my achievements — from a flawless “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on the violin to high school and college graduations.

Later, when I watched one of my favorite TV shows — Madam Secretary — one scene moved me to tears where a simple encouragement made a huge difference. I remembered Bishop Nichols’ words and decided to encourage you.

I realize most people do not share my childhood lessons. I understand some people you knew proved sneaky and down right deceptive. Some lied up front while others smiled as they held the knife in your back in place.

I also realize that something wonderful happened. If it hasn’t yet, then it’s about to happen.

therefore-encourageIn the process of time, our compassionate Father moves to heal your fractured heart and broken trust. He sends someone…or several someones… who genuinely celebrate your wins. You suspect an impure motive and wait for the other shoe to drop. But they keep clapping when you make progress.

Please, receive them. Let the Lord love you back to life through them, and build you back up.

Choose to believe the truth…that the Body of Christ is fitly joined together, each one to give what the other needs. Choose to refuse the lie that you don’t need encouragement. Yes, dear one, you do. (By the way, encouragement is in the bible too…just like binding and loosing. I’m just saying…)

Try chopping down that mile-high wall and appreciate the resilient ones who remain, with smiles and applause to cheer you to your next place of victory! They celebrate your God-likeness in potential and ability, and speak life to your growing capability.

Give our God more credit than the enemy of our souls. He loves you and He sees the real condition of your heart. And believe He sends an answer full of kindness, and sincere Godly encouragement housed in the people around you. Don’t keep a hard heart once you know who they are, but receive their gift of encouragement from the Father and live.

Selah, and love to all.

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