When You’re the Casualty of Their Disobedience (reflection)

Ezra 10 is loaded. Begin with the earlier post called “Love the Covenant More.”

In this post let’s look at the other side of the covenant…as the enemies of God who meet and attach and love and build home and family with the men of Israel. These men knew God’s expectations of them. They knew their role as priests, Levites, singers and heads of families. They knew that mission critical was rebuilding the temple, and in the process they turned their eyes.

That’s fine except they followed their gaze, left covenant with God and married these foreign women as a violation of the covenant. With some women these men had children.

At the point of confrontation, their knowledge of the truth convicted these men and they made an oath to walk away.


It’s a loaded question, I know, but worth consideration when we look at relationships.

Why to the godly love the ungodly?

Why do the carnal reach for the spiritual?

Why is there real temptation to try and stay with God AND the foreign element?

Imagine being hopelessly without God, branded His enemy, and living under this judgment. Then you meet someone and the ONLY thing that could resist your union is their covenant with God.

My heart understands this struggle…not just with “the unsaved,” but with another believer not on the same track or with same dedication to the Lord — in friendship or relationship. It’s a tough one. But the call and the charge demand our focus and complete dedication to the Father. And separation must come if we are to follow through on our assignments.

THE POINT: If you’ve been or are the casualty of another’s disobedience, then there is hope. In our dispensation NO ONE HAS TO LIVE WITHOUT GOD. There is peace and rest in the return to Him. Choose life, dear one. Choose to be united forever with the only true God. Decide that your name is no longer casualty, or abandoned, or rejected, or imperfect fit.

But let there be an exchange for you…a new place for strength, settling and establishment. Let there be soul progress and an introduction to (or reacquaintance with) God’s love in this place. You’re not stuck, and neither is your heart. You can move ahead and God can initiate covenant with you — and you can do and be all He puts in your heart.

Image: hope

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