When God Uses You to Make a Point (encouragement)

Another thing I LOVE about the Lord is His complete disregard for challenge. I mean, our God is fearless! I also admire people who master this way of the Lord. They do more than just take challenge in stride. They do more than keep going; they answer with divine demonstration. Consider the account of the man with the withered hand in Luke 6:6-11.

This miracle is not about faith or devils or sin. Jesus simply responds to a CONFINING CHALLENGE. 

Scribes and Pharisees looked for reason to accuse Jesus, specifically if He dared heal on the sabbath (v. 7).They saw the man with the withered hand. But Jesus knew their thoughts, and singled out this man (v. 8). Then Jesus countered the limits of religious challenge with a question —

IS IT LAWFUL … (v. 9)

Then our fearless Jesus commanded the man’s healing with a STRETCH directive. In the stretch the man’s hand was restored whole like his other hand (v. 10). There was no celebration, only anger from the scribes and Pharisees, along with more collusion toward another attack on Jesus (v. 11).

Jesus-heals-a-withered-handTHE POINT: This exposure of the weak and withered hand had nothing to do with the man. Similar to Job, he was a natural tool for a divine point. He was healed to show Jesus was beyond the letter of the Law. Jesus healed the man to show the spirit of the Law is to make whole. 

For those of you who identify with this man and remember withered parts of your soul made whole, thank God He stood you up in an environment hostile to Him and chose you to prove His divine right. Be grateful He singled you out, and when He removed your handicap He also removed manmade barriers to the miraculous and to God Himself.

They came for Him, and He came for your withered hand…to break off another attempt to restrain and confine and limit Him. He used you to prove His limitless power. He picked you to show that hostility and demonic collusion are no worthy match for God’s intent to restore and make whole.

Today we can BELIEVE Him for the works’ sake. We can perceive correctly because He took the limits off! Selah, and AMEN.

Image: Jesus Heals

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