Significant Moments

This is one of my favorite verses.

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known. ~ 1 Corinthians 13:12

The last phrase grabbed my heart many years ago…”just as I also have been fully known.”

Isn’t that beautiful? While we work and strive and try over and again to come across clearly and the right way, we often fail to communicate our true or best selves along with our pure intentions. I know I have and continue to do so. It sucks really, because this was a prayer of mine for a long time.

Lord, I want to be fully known.

This is impossible for people because of all the filters in our way to seeing clearly. I think I’ve given up on a human connection this deep. But I think that may be how the Father wants it. Only He knows me and you that fully, that deeply, that inside and out. And that’s His place.

I want to encourage us to look up from the grind, and pay attention to significant moments. As I type, the Lord is remembering me. While one part of me is dying for what must become a new and beautiful and transformed resurrection…He is balancing the pain and loss of self with the joy of good memories and the presence of people who anchored me in past seasons of flux.

For me this is a definite signal that I am on the cusp of THE season of my life. He is building me while He’s breaking me and I laugh while I cry. My words heal and restore and strengthen some, while they offend and wound others. I am both expectant and frustrated at the same time. Maybe you feel like a walking contradiction as well. Be encouraged. The Lord is with us, nursing the bones He breaks for strength and healing. HE KNOWS US FULLY, and there is a comfort in that —


He gets the tears… (so it’s good we can’t put them into words)

He gets the sighs… (He knows how weary we really are)

He understands His plan for us… (and has compassion because we don’t know what He knows or see what He sees)

He remains KIND… (while we go “Sybil” and swing on a wild pendulum of moods)

He strengthens our grip on the rope from which we hang for dear life, and He helps our hope… BECAUSE SURELY HIS REVELATION OF THAT JEREMIAH 29:11 FUTURE AND HOPE IS COMING. 

Keep sowing in tears. Keep asking “how much longer”. Keep being honest in your communion with Him. Keep letting Him and His designees cut and cut away some more. We may not see it, but it is producing the peaceable fruit of righteousness. Keep believing you are becoming better. 

That’s my strategy, and until He changes it, I’m sticking with it as best I can. The rest, thankfully, comes from Him.


One Comment on “Significant Moments

  1. This truly ministered to me this morning. I feel like this is exactly where I am in my life spiritually. Sometimes, I feel like a fool for still saying, I am getting better. My situation is better because of HIS GRACE and LOVE for me yet the eviction notices come, the paycheck is never enough, my body gets tired and there is more work to do.. I am going to believe and trust GOD regardless BUT thankfully, HE truly knows me.. Thank you my Sister and Friend for this Word today!! I’m yet Holding on is what my Godfather, Pastor Thomas used to say! Love you Lady!

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