What is Bodily Intercession? (introduction)

Good day, Royal Ones!


Please, prayerfully consider joining me for one of two sessions on the topic of Bodily Intercession. For the next few weeks, I’ll share some information for the sake of clarity, to position us for corporate learning when these sessions begin.

There are only 30 seats available in each class! Only paid registrations secure a spot.

Use this PayPal link to register.

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Fall Class Save DateBefore we get into scriptural basis, here’s my working definition of bodily intercession.

Intercession is Spirit-led ministry where we enter “the gap” for a person, a people, a place or a cause and we pray God’s heart or desired end. It is possible, when in the gap, to experience in the body the force or pain of the spiritual battle. This physical experience, in this context, is bodily intercession.

Now, to my default legalists (please don’t be offended — that’s me too!), I acknowledge that there is no direct mention of the words “bodily intercession” in scripture. Do not worry though. There are many context clues to teach us how our bodies take part in intercessory prayer ministry. Many times, the pains signal effective intercession.

There is nothing to fear. However, we may perish due to lack of knowledge. Perish? Yes. Not a literal destruction, maybe, but a financial weakening with excessive doctor visits and co-pays. Or, a mental weakening due to misdirected prayers and a lack of visible results. Or, an emotional weakening because the pains have no “source” when we get checked out so we have no place to center ourselves — regardless of our efforts to anchor in Christ.

Bodily Intercession is real and we have the chance to equip ourselves in the Annual Fall Class. Register for either Saturday session — October 17th and 24th. I will teach the same content. Over the next few weeks, allow me to make my case for bodily intercession…and then register to attend. Your fee includes a manual (really, not just handouts), food and other little goodies. We’ve got people confirmed from out-of-state, so local folks, register now! Depending on response, we may offer a third class.

Thank you in advance for the honor to present this content. I know it will be a strength to those who 1) actively intercede and/or 2) have yet to diagnose the random pains that are invitations to prayer and intercession.

Selah, and love to all.

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