Sitting in the Lord’s Shade (reflection)

Kindgom Queens!

I hope you aren’t tired of the Song of Songs yet. Let’s look at chapter two and verse three.

song of songs 2-3Isn’t this a great verse?! I love the Lord. His presence is a nourishing presence…and we are ALWAYS better for being with Him. His work of transformation is thorough and full of compassion.

Even now, I’m in a few processes and hit some spots recently that on the surface seem familiar. Haven’t I already passed this test? Why is this coming back around? Father, I thought we handled and resolved this.

Every round goes higher, and as we grow in Him He reveals deeper truths about Himself, His Word and way, and truths about us. In these processes I keep meeting myself again…and if I allow the pain to process the truth into my new heart and renew my mind, then Holy Spirit keeps introducing me to the newer and improved me.

The phrase I want us to consider is that with great delight we sit in the Lord’s shade AND His fruit is sweet to our taste. Relationship with the Lord grows progressively sweet, even when He corrects us.

When I read this verse I made a note in my bible. Here’s what I said —

What we take in becomes part of us.

These valuable lessons He teaches us He does so in the shade…in the secret place. How does He prune and refresh, rebuke and strengthen, correct and encourage…ALL AT THE SAME TIME?!

Well, His fruit is sweet…and it changes us. Everything He produces in us is sweet…and it happens in His shade. love. joy. peace. longsuffering. goodness. gentleness. faith. meekness. temperance. hope. deliverance. healing. transformation. revelation. hearing. sight. vision.

The King James Version says, “I sat down under his shadow with great delight.” Isn’t that something? I used to “throw shade” on His shade…that is to say I did not like the isolation that the secret place demands. I was uncomfortable with the call away into His presence because that meant a pause on natural relationships and activities. I did not go with great delight.

But a little time is all it takes! I sometimes crave the fellowship of authentic relationships, but I understand better the value of His shade. This one word — shade — is a perfect example of the culture. It’s used a bit these days to mean acting in a casual or disrespectful manner (urban Yet here it is in scripture, a real place in God to sit and receive and grow in relationship with Him.

Just a little thought to encourage us. Let’s not see His shade as punishment or exile. Instead, let’s consider the sweetness of that place. And with the state of affairs in the world and in parts of the church today, who does not need to taste and see that the Lord is good? Who does not need some sweetness?

Selah, and love to all.

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