Prayer Note ~ God Listens

Sometimes we can get caught up in getting it all out (concerns, issues, requests, etc.) and not internalize that God listens to prayer. Certain outcomes depend on our faith in that fact — God hears us. When we know He listens, we pray differently, boldly, honestly and with hope. When we know He hears us, we pray intentionally, with fervor and power. We pray like He has power to intervene with permanent change. We approach Him with confidence in His ability to speak for us, fight for us, transform us, and love us into what is right and good in His sight.

This is just a reminder that God listens. He expects our readiness and consideration when we have conversations with Him. Treat Him like an intelligent listener. Treat Him like the active solution to what is beyond us.

“Present your case,” the Lord says. “Bring forward your strong arguments,” The King of Jacob says. Isaiah 41:21 NASB

prayer changeWeighty matters belong to God, yet we can get stuck sometimes in the muck of circumstance. But shake that off, Royal Ones! Remember God listens and waits for our strong arguments.

Some prayers require preparation through meditation and Bible study. We sing about His greatness and awesome power, yet bring scattered prayer before Him as a habit. No more! Bring Him the big stuff, the strong arguments! Prepare your case based on His Word and present it to Him.

He hears and He responds. Yay God.

Selah, and love to all.

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