When We Become Visible (A Pretty Contradiction)

I intended this for the Gifted Girls only, but after some thought, I think we can all identify on some level.

Like a lily among the thorns, so is my darling among the maidens. ~ Song of Songs 2:2 NASB

The bridegroom speaks in this verse to the uniqueness of his beloved. She is like a lily among thorns. Wow. There is no comparison… no campaigning… no alternative… no substitute. Just the lily… the only fragrance… the only beauty. And everything else is thorns. In other words,

in a community of thorns, the target of his love is obvious and singular.

Here are some facts about lilies.

  1. There are hundreds of kinds of them.
  2. The wild species are endangered because they are prone to bacterial, fungal and viral diseases.
  3. Size (manifestation) depends on species (rank, family, category).
  4. Develops near the ground or deep underground.
  5. Attracts insects with colorful flowers and sweet nectar. Certain species are pollinated by the wind.
  6. They are fertile — can reproduce from seed, bulbs and tissue.
  7. They nurture — some can be used as food.
  8. They survive in the vase for two days…longer, if pollen is removed.
  9. They are perennial (persistent, enduring, around for all seasons of the year) plants, meaning they can survive for more than two years in the wild.

I want to encourage us when the time of vision arrives…not ours, but theirs. When our invisible time of life ends and we become visible, remember the lily. Remember that you walked in your God-given gifts and calling for years before they saw you. Remember life close to and deep underground. Remember attracting insects and feeding others. Don’t get tricked thinking you arrived because they see you now. The truth is, they can see clearly now.

We don’t become visible because they see us now. 

We become visible when they see us as the lily among thorns.

1-lily-among-thorns-no2-gail-vassI’m entering a new dimension of my life that includes many eyes opening toward me — encouraging, door-opening eyes. I’ve been a bible teacher for well over 10 years, and stayed in my lane regarding teaching and prayer assignments. Not popular, but faithful. Not trendy, but changing lives. Not lights-camera-action, but relevant without performance. Just doing what He gave/told me…deep underground. It’s more than a “new season”… I’ve been here for years. It’s just a new time… and now, the Father trusts me with a larger audience and more influence.

Be encouraged Royal Ones. What sets us apart, keeps us apart as the lily among thorns. Sight and appreciation and attention are welcome when solitude is the norm. But the time comes, precious ones, when God validates His process in/through us not by their ability to now see… but by their seeing no other option but us.

I pray this blessed you like it blessed me. Selah, and love to all.

Lily facts: http://www.softschools.com/facts/plants/lily_facts/558/

Image: http://render.fineartamerica.com/images/images-stretched-canvas-search/15.00/15.00/black/break/images-medium-5/1-lily-among-thorns-no2-gail-vass.jpg

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