Man of Sorrows (a re-introduction)

[Forgive me for the delay. This thought came to me days ago, and I know it was for some of you. I apologize.]

By now many of you understand how my mind works…mainly, a thought drops into my head/heart/spirit. I follow it into prayer and ask for revelation of Truth. Then, if I discern it as the Father’s gift, I ask for help to develop it for us all.

Earlier this week, a thought reminder appeared about Jesus as the Man of Sorrows. It comes from Isaiah 53:3

He was despised and forsaken of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and like one from whom men hide their face he was despised, and we did not esteem Him. (NASB)

There’s a sad beauty about this verse when we place it in the context of our lives and realize that Jesus really does understand our heart’s deepest hurts. We can build our victimized soap boxes and complain about  (sorry, justify) the unjust treatment we suffer. We build until we meet the Spirit of Truth and have to acknowledge God’s power at work in us.

  1. I’ve got haters, we say. JESUS WAS DESPISED.
  2. I’ve got no support. They abandoned me in my greatest need. JESUS WAS FORSAKEN.
  3. I’m overwhelmed by the pain when events and people and places trigger memories. JESUS WAS A MAN OF SORROWS.
  4. It hurts that the ones I sincerely loved and helped turned on me. I’ve got to bury dead things but I can’t let go. JESUS WAS ACQUAINTED WITH GRIEF.
  5. They stay away from me like I’ve got the plague. JESUS WAS SO DESPISED THAT IT WAS PEOPLE HID THEIR FACES FROM HIM. (NO CONTACT AT ALL)
  6. Who really sees me, we ask. Who knows me for real. JESUS WAS NOT ESTEEMED OR VALUED.

god-in-our-sorrowI point out the above to comfort your heart with a renewed thought. Sometimes, sorrows are the way to The Way (Jesus). Life-giving companionship in sorrow births deep and healing intimacy. While we hurt, we are at times a little blind to God’s re-route and re-direct method. We look up one day to realize that in the healing process we found His way — a message and ministry to reconcile others…because He reconciled us to Himself.

Isn’t He lovely? Isn’t He wonderful? Isn’t He precious? YES HE IS!!!

Here’s the encouragement ~


FORSAKE THE self-condemning, self-judging AND REACH FOR HIM.


Jesus gets it, for real…and He gets you!

Let’s pray ~

Father, touch hearts today. Be a mirror in front of Your sons and daughters. Reveal Yourself through sorrows and grief. Help us to drop anchor in Your presence and know You in the fellowship of suffering. Forgive us for pouring our energy into powerless rebukes of self and devils. Instead, we look to the hills for Your holy help. Come quickly and minister, O might man of sorrows. Love us into wholeness and truth and perfect love. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Selah, and much love to all.


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