So Amazing

Good day to all.

I just want to testify…about God’s love.

The last few days were full of things happened, things said, things done, things thought, things perceived, things grieved, things pursued, things learned, things discarded, etc. And in the midst of it, there were special moments when God let me know He saw me, heard me, and His Spirit interpreted my tears and my heart.

Our God is amazing. Not that we don’t know it, but for me, it was the understanding after “all my getting”. He’s just amazing. To know that He meets us in our lives is the reality of our faith. Where in the world did we get hung up on people needing to be perfect?! That’s what we suggest when we hold people up to or create a new law.

Love fulfillsĀ the law. All things are found in Christ, and in Him I am complete. We are complete. This is a beautiful message for the doer when the plan shifts, or the people fall back, or we want to drop it all where we stand and cry. This message of God’s amazing love meets us in reality; it does not demand we change ourselves (even though our agreement with God inspires us in grace to work with the transformation).

heart of fireThe simplicity of salvation is that we enter love with no need to work. Jesus is the greatest giver. We receive from Him, and He takes our well-meaning worship and praise, fills our lives as we allow, and then turns us on our circles and communities to share that same love.

He’s amazing, I say. Truly amazing. It’s humbling when we attempt to “go and do likewise” and realize we can’t even do that without Him. Thank you Lord for creating a path where we must require You; we need You to live and think and move and breathe and choose and love and impact others.

Have a great life in love, Royal Ones. He is near.

Selah, and love to all.

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