Hey Gifted Girl, just a thought…

…well, it’s more of a reminder.

Context: When I wake in the mornings my meditation time includes what I call seed thoughts. They are “one-liner” thoughts that sent my thoughts on course for the day. Some come from me, and some are in-spired (breathed into me). By no stretch do I share them all…(smile)… but on occasion there are some worth passing on — inspired reflection for all!

A couple of significant thoughts came to me this morning that I sensed was fitting for Gifted Girls. Ready? Here it is.


There! That’s it. But it’s loaded, right?

this wayOne of the prevailing messages in the Kingdom now is accountability and completion — not being so tied to people, places and beliefs (imparted or home-grown) that we do not finish the God-given tasks in hand. In this process I find things cropping up… new people entering our lives, old people re-entering our lives, old beliefs resurfacing to distract us (aka the confrontation of some ancestral spirits), and current beliefs making war with our renewed mind.

Yet, we grow through the press.

I just want to remind us all that our emotions are not our guide. As badly as we may want to connect, or reconnect, believe or disavow…. it is God’s wisdom that guides us (or should).

Let’s keep asking for Godly wisdom…because in truth, there is a counterfeit. James calls it sensual wisdom; it’s earthly, natural, demonic and influences us to rely on our finite and limited knowledge (3:14-15). This carnal counterfeit wisdom comes from bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in the heart. It’s a wisdom that comes from pride. Sounds like a contradiction, though, doesn’t it?

Be encouraged Gifted Girl. “Ask the Savior to help you, comfort, strengthen and keep you. He is willing to aid you. He will carry you through” (a hymn says it best). 

The Lord does not turn away our requests for wisdom, and thankfully, He does not intimidate. So ask and keep asking and wait for His wisdom to manifest through the glorious mind of Christ in us. Amen, Ladies? AMEN.

One Comment on “Hey Gifted Girl, just a thought…

  1. This is well-spoken. I have been shown that I have a strong sense of loyalty and sometimes that influences me more strongly than my Lord. I have been dealing with it for several years and the more it comes up, the more clearly I see it. Thank GOD that He does not leave me the way He found me!!

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