Month: May 2015

Prayer Note ~ God Listens

Sometimes we can get caught up in getting it all out (concerns, issues, requests, etc.) and not internalize that God listens to prayer. Certain outcomes depend on our faith in that fact — God hears us. When we know He listens, we pray differently,… Continue Reading “Prayer Note ~ God Listens”

Seven Ways to Hear God’s Voice (notes)

Good day, Royal Ones! What I share are teaching notes from my pastor’s conclusion to a series on being Spirit led. This is a powerful lesson for believers at any faith level, and is sure to build faith. Seven Ways/ Keys to Hear God’s… Continue Reading “Seven Ways to Hear God’s Voice (notes)”

When We Become Visible (A Pretty Contradiction)

I intended this for the Gifted Girls only, but after some thought, I think we can all identify on some level. Like a lily among the thorns, so is my darling among the maidens. ~ Song of Songs 2:2 NASB The bridegroom speaks in this… Continue Reading “When We Become Visible (A Pretty Contradiction)”

Man of Sorrows (a re-introduction)

[Forgive me for the delay. This thought came to me days ago, and I know it was for some of you. I apologize.] By now many of you understand how my mind works…mainly, a thought drops into my head/heart/spirit. I follow it into prayer… Continue Reading “Man of Sorrows (a re-introduction)”

You Determine Who Shapes You…

Not long after that Bonhoeffer devotional on shaping forces…I was in prayer and singing to the Father. I don’t know why Jesus loved me I don’t know why He cared I don’t know why He sacrificed His life Oh, but I’m glad! I’m glad He… Continue Reading “You Determine Who Shapes You…”

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