Dear Gifted Girl, make the announcement…

Hey Gifted Girls!

I’ve been praying for us this week. Today, dare greatly! Make the announcement.


You sensed Holy Spirit nudging you to act on what you see, yet you linger. Do you hope it will change? Do you pray it will change? Do you wait for “deliverance” so you won’t have to act?

I report with gladness that you must act. Take the risk. Walk in love. Have courage and be kind. Holy Spirit already told or showed you what to do. Act. Now.

If they leave, your resilient heart can be healed again.

If they disagree to the point of rejecting your words or acts of love and vulnerability, then your sadness can be lifted. You will laugh again.

no fear of lossBut what if they decide to listen? To accept your brave act of love? To see your risk as an action you weighed for their better end?

It could go well. But if it does not, let’s get it in our minds that we no longer fear the loss.

I love you most.


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