Trust Again, Try Again

I was in a recent Friday Night Fire service where the man of God said this (emphasis added),

The devil wants to disrupt my TRUST so my TRY AGAIN will be affected. 

We have to declare, “I WILL TRUST AGAIN. I WILL TRY AGAIN.”

Then I got excited because I came upon it in the Word. In my New American Standard Bible, the heading over 2 Corinthians 7 is “Paul Reveals His Heart”. Look at verse two:

Make room for us in your hearts; we wronged no one, we corrupted no one, we took advantage of no one. 

Beware of continual exhortations to suspicion that plant doubt and division. Many think they discern “a spirit” when they operate in suspicion. When born again we receive regeneration of spirit and learn sanctification of soul and subjection of flesh. In relationship with Christ, we receive a new heart (say that: a new heart).

Paul comes to a new people and encourages them to make room in their hearts. It’s okay to do it because of their track record — no trail of blood and tears behind them from any damage done to others. Their actions were clean — no harm, no corruption and no manipulation done to others.

intentional love

Don’t be tricked; believers in Jesus Christ are known to the world by our LOVE. Fear not the tender heart that is pliable in the hands of God, and soberly and fervently loves the brethren. That’s a command, you know, to fervently love the brethren (1 Peter 4:8)!

Address inner vows… I won’t let them use me… hurt me… take advantage of me. Repent and release and allow Holy Spirit to teach trust in Him and give courage to try again. Many of us aimed our wounded trust at a fallible person. Or, we believed our plan, called it faith, and the different or opposite result crushed us when God did His real will.

This time though, we trust God’s heart, His decisions and His placement concerning us.

I pray this helps us go a little further. Hard hearted Christians lack balance just like flimsy anything-goes Christians. We all need to drop anchor in the Lord and root our trust and absolute confidence in Him. If we want to He will help us. And that rock-solid trust will allow us to try again — in business, in prayer, in family, in relationships, in school, in health, in ministry service, etc.

Make-Room-In-Your-HeartOur challenge is to interrupt the disruption, learn authentic trust in the Father and TRY AGAIN…without the bondage and torment of fear (notice I didn’t say without the presence of fear). It may be scary, but do it anyway. Try again.

Let’s make room in our hearts for the God-sent genuine connections with clean hands and pure intentions. We will see good fruit when we try again.

Selah and love to all.

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