Month: April 2015

Dear Gifted Girl, make the announcement…

Hey Gifted Girls! I’ve been praying for us this week. Today, dare greatly! Make the announcement. I NO LONGER FEAR LOSS. You sensed Holy Spirit nudging you to act on what you see, yet you linger. Do you hope it will change? Do you… Continue Reading “Dear Gifted Girl, make the announcement…”

You Will Do What You Will (and so will he)

So I woke up with Genesis 3:16 on my mind…my first reflection assignment, I guess. This is what it says. To the woman He said, “I will greatly multiply Your pain in childbirth,  In pain you will bring forth children;  Yet your desire will be for your husband, And… Continue Reading “You Will Do What You Will (and so will he)”

Promises #CrownShine

A few years back my pastor taught a life-changing series on giving. It was about more than offerings and organized church. He taught life principles for giving — money, effort, time. This week a random thought hit me about promises, and I did two… Continue Reading “Promises #CrownShine”


I heard an amazing message that included Hagar. The woman of God challenged us in relationships to show grace to the men in our lives by embracing the situations they created or that existed before they joined to us. She blessed us greatly with… Continue Reading “Hagar”

Rock Steady Baby (a thought about consistency)

So, I have a “thing” with word association. As I read Psalm 51:10 I saw “steadfast spirit” as if for the first time. Then I thought about Aretha Franklin’s song “Rock Steady”…then my little thought I want to share about consistency. First though, let’s… Continue Reading “Rock Steady Baby (a thought about consistency)”

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