The Vulnerable Truth

Usually the phrase is the “naked” truth. I choose “vulnerable truth” because many of us master a form of nakedness called transparency.

It is not vulnerability; it is simply truth we can control.

The way we view vulnerability depends on its first presentation to us. In the beginning, my vulnerability introduction included concepts like openness and risk taking. Only lately in managing some of my life’s “moving parts” do I find there’s another reason for vulnerability that equally scares and frees us. It is self-discovery.

Vulnerabilityopen to attack or damage, capable of being hurt, susceptible to injury or diseasecosts more than the guarantee (not the possibility) of being hurt. Vulnerability offers us the chance to account for what we do, why we do it, and acknowledge that another who is close to us sees it so it becomes real and something to address/correct.

The added benefit of vulnerability is greater sense and knowledge of self…the slight disadvantage is that the awareness comes at times with an audience. Hence, the reason for accountability.  The person(s) before whom we have a “moment” — an experience that exposes inner deficiency — can now get involved and question us about words, actions, and motives.

I want to persuade us of nothing here. I just want to offer this thought for our consideration.

We need not fear being vulnerable. Instead, we should fear or be concerned about a life that guards flaw and failure so closely as to never yield to the freedom of expression with examination

When we get past the moment, there is a well of insight and understanding from which to draw. There is another film/layer removed from our soul’s mirror and we gain strength to create a strategy for healing, deliverance and “never-again-ness”.


Royal Ones, let’s not rule with iron hearts or iron fists or iron walls. Those who question us are appointed (believe it or not) to help with the demolition and expansion (because there’s room when we remove the limits).

Let’s eat all the humble pie this season serves us and in a tender vulnerability, be healed for real. 

Selah, and love to all.

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