The Esther Effect, pt. 2

Esther’s model relies heavily on God’s timing, and encourages alertness and consistency in reigning. Our “shake-and-bake” (or quick, fast, hurried) approach to Scripture causes compression in the events of her story (when real events unfolded over time). But, by the time she steps up as her people’s intercessor, Esther is several years into her reign as queen. This one little fact forces a few meditation questions.

1.  How effective is my silence? That is, do I gain (God-focus: insight, wisdom, strategy) while I lose (Me-focus: impatience, anxiety)? Or, do I just lose (stay focused on me)?

2.  How long is long enough to wait before addressing an issue? Do I give God room to work all the events together for my “shining moment”? Do I have the courage and confidence to do what God’s prompting?

3.  What/Who else needs positioning before the story can go forward? Remember, God set an entire nation in motion to get Hadassah to the palace. There are times when we feel action-ready, but hesitate because we can sense we need to wait on something or someone to line up.

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Everyone feels the first “Esther Effect” when all the movement starts. Many young women received a sentence to widowhood for the king’s choice of one. It seems a bit brutal, tragic even, yet the biblical account (along with credible resources that fill in the blanks) anchors in God’s timing.

Let’s consider the power of the wait. Today, so many things (catchy sayings, etc.) travel through the “air” and hit our minds. Often without filter, we take them in and they undercut our faith and thus our ability to wait for God’s timing. Like Esther we go on our royal routine for years, aware of power-destiny and purpose but no sense of “green light” release for action.

Our “wait” perspective is most often before our palace reign. Esther waits while in the palace. Either way, the wait is part of the process.

Xerxes waited for Vashti…who did not appear before the men.

Vashti waited for decision about her action.

Hegai waited for all the candidates.

Haman waited for opportunity.

Mordecai waited for vindication.

Hadassah waited to reveal her Jewish roots.

The Jews waited for deliverance.

And today, we wait in royal posture for our opportunities to courageously stand for God’s cause once He reveals it. Selah, and love to all.

Concept from: Booher, D. (2001). The Esther effect: Seven secrets of confidence and influence. Nashville, TN: W Publishing Group.


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