Love Takes Risks

Good day to all. Please consider the following scenarios.


At work, you are the model team player. You work with different types of people from cultures around the world. One of your teammates experiences personal tragedy (ex. death, property loss, health diagnosis, legal issue). You want to express concern but don’t know how so you pray for your coworker and his need. After prayer, you still have an urge to show support… what do you do and how?


In your local church, you are the bubbly, outgoing social butterfly. You attract people and as a rising leader, you deliberately connect with as many of the membership as you can. One day you notice a newer member, and can see there’s something going on with her. You pray, and the Spirit of Truth reveals a need and an encouraging word for you to share. You freeze, even get anxious, because she is not in your circle. Will she receive you? Will she think you’re crazy? …what do you do?


A man can notice a woman and for weeks or months (or years!) never approach her. The reason for his hesitations may vary — nerves, fear of rejection, a current significant other, popular opposition, bad timing, life drama, etc. He senses his window of opportunity is soon to close, and in a chance meeting decides he’s going to “jump” and tell her how he feels. Will he really follow through?

intentional love

Now that your wheels are turning, you may think of more scenarios. The point I want us to consider is that God’s Love is proper to share in many situations, but a lot of the time requires us to take risks

We can easily talk ourselves out of blessing and encouraging others when we make ourselves the focus. If we step back and take another view, we may see that the risk may lead us into rewarding revelations of God’s kindness and concern for us all. 

If you’re wavering about giving the prophetic word, then gain your footing, contact the person and speak. If you want to break through with someone who is not the type with whom you normally interact, then take courage and extend the lunch invitation. 

We pray for God to help and minister to the needs of others. We let His heart move us, but only to a point.

Decide to go further as His vessel of love and life. More risks will pay off than not. More will receive than reject. More will appreciate than disregard. 

Just try it. 

Love you all!

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