God Provides Love

Good day, Royal Ones. We are in another February, and I’ve got more to share about love. I don’t think this will look like the “30 Minutes to Love” series (see these entries under the Devotional tab on the main page). And, I’m not sure I’ll have a daily entry…just led to share.

heart with band aidAnd Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent, and he took Rebekah and she became his wife, and he loved her; thus Isaac was comforted after his mother’s death. Genesis 24:67, Amplified

Consider this — God will send love to minister after a season of loss, death, and grief. When He does, let people love you. When you can, read all of Genesis 24. I know it is popular teaching that Abraham sent the servant Eleazar to find his son Isaac a wife because he was dying. But let’s go a bit further, Abraham knew he was about to leave the earth too. And he set a chain of events in motion to make sure Isaac had someone to love and nurture him. 

God is not unaware of how certain people make us feel like we can do anything. He is not cold to the fact that the absence of certain people can send our lives into a downward spiral with unexplainable voids. If we recall the promise of Isaac and the wait for Isaac, and add to that Abraham and Sarah were old as parents…then we can imagine the deep, sustaining love Isaac knew as a child (just because his parents were grateful — but that’s another story!). 

The point is that God is love, and knows better than us all how love heals and makes whole. When Rebekah was presented to him, he brought her to his place of greatest comfort and vulnerability…his mother Sarah’s tent. There Rebekah became his wife and he loved her — he had an outlet to release grief and be made strong in love again. The result was comfort over his loss.

Will you at least think about it? Look for love, dear ones. It is not far…wait — GOD IS NEVER FAR from those who need His comfort and love. Selah, and I love you!

2 Comments on “God Provides Love

  1. Sister this really ministers to the heart! It makes us consider the great love of our father & those we get blessed to love! Love you Dearly:mrgreen:

  2. This has blessed me deeply. Having gone through (still going through) many grieving processes, I now understand things a lot clearer. It has helped me to better see how easily someone may be susceptible to a “rebound” relationship. And how someone can easily become hardened and even bitter after a love losss. It also fills me with much HOPE and frees me from guilt. Its so freeing to know that even in my most vulnerable place, I can go the Father and bare my loneliness and allow Him to heal and strengthen, even there. I guess I just didn’t realize that the depth of the pain of the loss of love was so…legitimate. And, that I must look for the love the Father sends to heal, make whole, strengthen. I must be open & willing to receive love…again. Now, I can better minister love to those in need. Thank you, Lady Shaunta. Thank you! I LOVE YOU TO LIFE!!!

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