Expired Connections (reflection)

The conversation to part ways is one of the hardest to have…ever. But it is a reality. While it is true that all of those traveling with us on the Path to Reigning will not go through every phase with us…it is not necessarily the case that this happens because of a deficiency in them… or us. 

It is just time.

In essence, the connection has expired. Personally, and based on experience with a wonderful lady who remains a great friend, I lean toward having the discussions because 

parting on good terms is a reality too.

But, there are people who choose to turn into ghosts and lick their wounds from a victim’s perspective or hide behind excuses of courtesy. If you weren’t a bother when we were closer, then you’re not a bother now. Selah.

This thought crossed my mind, with all the intense transitions underway (individually and corporately), and I wanted to encourage us to choose the healthy route of separation. Do not fear. This is person is not a stranger, but an expired connection. 

expiredI use the expiration metaphor to emphasize the importance of timing…not to agree with any carnal doctrine to throw people away. There should be a bittersweetness — bitter that we have to sever the tie as it stands, but sweet because we can rejoice that our purpose was served for the season we connected. 

Royal Ones, to the pure all things are pure. Do not let culture influence you to make or position another as an enemy just because the seasons changed. (Of course, there are other factors that can contribute to one gaining an enemy status…but that’s not our focus in this entry.)

Don’t let feelings keep you tied to an old, dead, and soon-to-stink connection. Remember, when we obey we do not know whether the Lord will create new connections with the same people. Use care, dear ones. Use wisdom. 

Offered in love…

One Comment on “Expired Connections (reflection)

  1. This was so needed! It’s popular to demonize differences. I’m learning to appreciate all sides. Glad to know that separation doesn’t have to be such a negative experience.

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