Praying According to God’s Ability

Good day, Royal Ones. I was reviewing notes this morning for a message I am to preach this weekend. Have you ever been reading / studying Scripture for one reason, then the Lord opens your eyes to something you did not see there before? This was my morning.

In the passage I was going over again, I noticed how many times the Lord said “I will” and a thought hit me — 

My prayer according to God’s will differs from my prayer according to God’s ability.

Think about it. When we pray according to God’s ability, it is one of the deepest expressions of faith. It is our way of trusting all things to God, and protecting the prayer need from words of doubt, logic, or public opinion. We throw ourselves and our needs wholly onto the Father, who is 

…able to do far beyond anything we can ask or imagine… (Eph. 3:20 CJB)

ladder to skyWhen this came to me I thought of a woman I had the privilege to minister beside last year. In a seminar for women in ministry, I taught a short lesson and she prayed before my segment. I do not know her well, but over the course of these women in ministry seminars I have come to admire her faith, her boldness, and her history with God. She’s my reference point for the prayer according to God’s ability… to hear her declare “HE’S ABLE” will cast you into a place of unshakable faith. Seriously — when she says God is able, I just believe her! It’s like she’s preaching hope to the disheartened and calming the anxious and analytical mind (like mine, at times) in those two little words. Her “HE’S ABLE” is like an arrow that pierces through mental wonderings and wanderings to arrive at belief and trust in God. 

Let’s turn overwhelming feelings about our burdens into hope in God’s ability. Let’s gird up our minds and make a decision to trust God. Let’s move this confession from our minds to our hearts and agree with our mouths: GOD IS ABLE, AND MORE THAN ABLE TO DO EXCEEDING ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL WE CAN ASK OR THINK ACCORDING TO THE POWER THAT WORKS IN US.

Isn’t it something that praying according to God’s ability stirs up His power in us to do/ see/ hear/ experience/ more than our initial prayer request?

WOW. Yeah, selah that. Love to all!

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