Let the Nuggets Feed You

Just a thought —

God’s word comes to us in many ways and forms. He’s awesome in knowing what it takes to reach us. Early this morning I sat still and considered how He’s formed in me — wisdom, conviction, peace, joy, understanding, etc. The seasons of my life can be connected by the nuggets of His Word He reveals to me. Truly, we live by every word that comes from His mouth. 

At times the need can be so dire that we look for God to come in a dramatic and earth-shaking way. In fact, His speaking one word or phrase, creating personal sunsets or rainbows, opening our ears to hear His song or highlighting a verse of Scripture is what really gives us life. Our personal earth “shakes” and submits to God when we recognize that His speaking is not for trend or sport, but to impart His life to us. 

These days, everyone has a word, and that’s okay I guess. But I want to encourage us to let the nuggets God gives us nourish our souls and renew our minds. When He speaks one word, choose to follow Him into the truth He’s opening up. Don’t share it too soon…because when we do, we often confess our ignorance and lack of understanding, and stay there. We say things like, “The Lord gave me this word. All He said was _____. But I don’t know what that means…” We open up OUR WORD for OTHERS to INTERPRET or REVEAL when God spoke that word as an INVITATION to KNOW HIM and know ourselves better. 


I pray that while prophecies are flying faster than planes these days, that we maintain a love and regard for God’s Word (logos) and His way of sharing that word with us. Some of us are familiar with the teaching that He is His Word. If we follow this then truly, it’s in Him we live and move and have our being. Let’s value that word like the gift it is, pay attention, and soon enough we will see His intent.

The nuggets of God’s word come with potential — for revelation, for wisdom, for strategy, for healing, for grace, for power, for blessing ourselves and others. It’s ours for the receiving…and, the searching out. Be grateful God speaks. Take the time to identify the pattern, the ways He speaks to you personally. Then be thankful when you SEE and HEAR and ACKNOWLEDGE Him speaking. 

It’s a great feeling to know that one word can be enough, that He can minister through a movie scene or the beauty of a sunrise or the melody of a song. Remember, the word is near us; it’s even in our mouths. Let’s take it and be made whole — nothing lacking — by His word. 

Selah, and love to all. 

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