Avoid the Temptation to Sabotage, pt. 2

In the last entry, we looked at the risk of being “under” affliction for so long that we succumb to the conditioning and can sabotage ourselves. Today, I want us to avoid the temptation to sabotage others.

There are several buzz words flying around right now, and they are all relevant, even if they are overused. We apply them generally, but if you will, consider them in the context of all your relationships.

shift • transition • process • submission

Relationships (of all kinds) are shifting. 

They are in transition.

They are encountering various and sundry processes.

They are submitting to God’s will…some with knowledge, and some with ignorance.

But the shift / transition / process / submission is happening.

Encouragement: There are Godly ways to transition in relationship, ways that are full of grace and truth. Remember that our Father knows the end from the beginning. Remember that we know in part and we prophesy in part…so when we speak with such certainty about “what the Lord told” us, let’s consider His sovereignty and the fact that we may not see as far as we think. My point is that God may intend for the relationship to cycle back around (don’t be literal here) because He has a purpose for the combination of skills, gifts and/or talents. When the Lord creates distance and separation in relationships, it is not all bad.

Testimony: One of the greatest people I know on planet earth and I learned this lesson. We were “Siamese if you please” and joined at the hip for years. About a year before the actual separation, we had a very emotional and tear-filled talk about what we were feeling. We committed to not be offended, to not be suspicious, to not be awkward when we saw each other at church, and so on. We committed to be grown up  about it all and stay in prayer for each other. 

That “separation” season lasted a few years. We did not talk on the phone or email as much. I was less involved in the day-to-day of her and her children’s lives. We only saw each other at church pretty much, and we stayed friendly through the strange times. It was like having to find out what to do with myself all over again. 

In that “separation” time we did not talk badly about each other. We did not slander or tear down each other or the things/projects we pursued at the time. 

Then one day, we met for lunch and got caught up. The closeness was back, the fellowship was back and we learned a lot about God’s purpose for relationships not being our happiness alone. To this day, we still talk about team teaching this to the body of Christ who operates with brutal finality on the wrong things at times.

So, Royal Ones, let the shifts, transitions, processes and submission efforts run their course. If the relationship does not return to its former glory, then okay. If it undergoes a transformation, then amen. But whatever happens, let’s make it our business to not sabotage another.

If we get space to change, then so do they. 

Selah, and love to all. 

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