Decisions (a reflection)

Shake your heads at me if you want, but I’ve got a new TV show. It’s a police show called Blue Bloods. The father and police commissioner learns from his daughter and assistant district attorney that his former partner from years prior is manipulating his area’s crime solving statistics. In this conversation he delivers this line — 

It’s a funny thing about decisions. You don’t seem to need to have to talk yourself into the right ones (Blue Bloods, S1:E10, After Hours).

Wow, that line went straight through me. It’s true too, isn’t it? I’m still pondering on a few things, but immediately thought to share this great line with you. 

Think about the times you trusted the God in you, and made a decision. Maybe to others you seemed off or misguided — you could not clearly explain your reasons for making this choice or you had no proof for the “something” that just “wasn’t right”. But you made the choice…and maybe even with some reservation or hesitation, you still forged ahead.There’s a lot of truth in this TV line.

We anchor our lives in God’s Word, and His word and wisdom guide our decisions (if we let them). This is just an encouragement for us all…because this present time requires of us the courage and faith to make some personal decisions.

personal — as in it’s our choice alone (even after we seek counsel and make inquiries of the Lord). We have to count the costs. We have to be led by Holy Spirit. We need to understand the possible results that come with this choice. And then, (deep breath) we choose. After that, (exhale) we stand by our choice and learn all the lessons to make wiser, better, and more sober decisions.

Selah. This line encouraged me in some previous good moves I made. AND, it challenges me to look again with a different set of lenses at what’s on the table. If it’s time to move, then it’s just time. If it’s time to buy or sell or publish or expand, then it’s just time…but based on the wisdom of the Lord. 

Just a reflection moment — If we need to convince ourselves to do it — and I’m talking about the convincing that happens when we are weary or tired — then is it really a healthy, functioning part of God’s plan? 

And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live?
And I answered, O Lord GOD, thou knowest.
Ezekiel 37:1 KJV

Stick with it, and soon enough, we will all see. With love, Royal Ones….

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