The Day Prayer Watches (6am – 6pm)

Good day to all!

Pastor ChiChi says something powerful that helps us grasp the importance of time, and the fact that once it is gone we cannot get it back. She speaks in terms of gates, and how each frame of time is a gate or opening to another.

A second is the gate to a minute.
A minute is the gate to an hour.
An hour is the gate to a watch.
A watch is the gate to a day. 

Thus, it is key to value not just our personal time, but have a respect for time in general. We can possess our day through these gates and frames of time, if we stay sober and alert. That said, here are the last four prayer watches.

And there was evening and there was morning, one day.
Genesis 1:5 NASB

5th Watch: 6am – 9am

In this watch we are equipped for service. There is the chance to transform our thoughts and make declarations over the day. The sunrise is significant and offers the advantage to release what comes with the morning, like joy (Psalm 30:5) and healing (Malachi 4:2). Also, first shift work schedules begin in this watch, so we can pray over government, economy, and relationships to set an order as we begin the day.

6th Watch: 9am – 12noon

In this watch we stay mindful of the power of the Cross. We put the deeds of the flesh to death. We commit to take up our crosses as His disciples, and walk in this same power.This is the time for harvest, scientific and technological advancement, and the healing of relationships. We watch for God to fulfill His promises and His Word to be performed. We pray for provision to accomplish what He asks us to do.  

7th Watch: 12noon – 3pm

Foundations are shaken during this watch. During this time we cleanse our altars and replace old and stale altars. It was in this watch that God came to Peter with the trance and gave insight on clean and unclean (Acts 10:9-17a). Jesus was on the cross as our once-for-all sacrifice. As well, Daniel went home to pray during this time. 

Pray Psalm 91 during this time to cut off the destruction that comes at noon (v. 6). We place ourselves and our families in the secret place, under the shadow of the Almighty. 

We pray for exposure of all the enemy’s traps. Being this is generally the time of day where the sun is brightest, we pray for our lives to witness of the Light (John 1). We pray for eyes to see the distractions and tricks and traps the enemy’s laid out for us…and we pray to see them afar off. 

8th Watch: 3pm – 6pm

In this watch we lay hold of the power to live Godly. Jesus gave up the ghost and died in this watch. We renew our minds to Galatians 2:20 — that our lives in Christ are not lived on our terms, but we belong to God. We have power through the perfect and finished work of Christ. 

This is the last of the day watches. We appropriate our covenant with God, and declare the renting of veils and the removal of coverings of darkness by the power of Christ. This is the watch where we change history, on local levels and beyond.  

Now, which is your watch?
At what time are you prompted by Holy Spirit to seek the Lord?
When do you sense spiritual insight and activity to enter into the King’s Chamber for prayer?
We are better informed now, so let’s pay attention. Amen? AMEN.

Love to all, and pray well!

References: Pastor ChiChi Bismark (live teaching). United in Christ Canton (website). 

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