Month: November 2014

Mutual Investment

Good day, my sister 20-somethings! Just a thought to consider… always be aware of the investment you make in people, places and things. In the last few days I gained some understanding about a few experiences and it prompted me to consider the evenness… Continue Reading “Mutual Investment”

Operation World (prayer resource)

Good day, Royal Ones! In a recent trip to the bookstore I met an enthusiastic lady visiting Texas from north Arkansas with her sister and another friend. At the beloved clearance religion section, we exchanged pleasantries and brief stories about our church experiences. We… Continue Reading “Operation World (prayer resource)”

Decisions (a reflection)

Shake your heads at me if you want, but I’ve got a new TV show. It’s a police show called Blue Bloods. The father and police commissioner learns from his daughter and assistant district attorney that his former partner from years prior is manipulating… Continue Reading “Decisions (a reflection)”

Which is your wilderness, pt. 2

Previously we considered that John’s wilderness to dwell in was not Jesus’ wilderness of 40 days. In this entry, I want to offer another thought… John’s wilderness was also not the Hebrews’ wilderness of 40 years. I bring this out because there are certain… Continue Reading “Which is your wilderness, pt. 2”

The Power of One Word

This past weekend I was privileged to attend a one-day conference for women, many of whom gave their testimony before a large group for the first time. The love and support was palpable for those courageous women who took a risk and offered a… Continue Reading “The Power of One Word”

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