Chamber Time with the King (an invitation)

Good day, Kingdom Queens. I want to invite all of you who identify with Abigail to meet me for “Chamber Time with the King” this Saturday, November 1st at 6PM Central (2503 Obenchain Street, Dallas, Texas 75212). The Lord’s brought you to mind for Chamber Time (aka prayer encounter) because He wants to cover your heart. 

prayer changeAbigail’s story is in 1 Samuel 25. She’s not the main character, but context clues tell us about her, her life with her husband Nabal, and her intercession for the house that saved all their lives. We learn how God got involved in her situation, even to removing Nabal. Consider that Nabal is more than just a man in this chapter.

Nabal is a type, and can take various forms (e.g., family, ministry, local church leadership, places of employment, strongholds of thought, etc.). 

I want to make clear, when I invite the modern-day Abigail, to whom I extend this invite. Abigail is:

in covenant with foolishness (read/listen to previous posts in Abigail’s call about Nabal’s character profile)

a gifted girl in a hostile environment; she may be growing, but she isn’t thriving

the kinder, gentler alternative to Nabal and everyone knows it

limited in fruitfulness (no children with Nabal)

intelligent or of good understanding (prudent, cunning, with good sense)


acquainted with rejection (Nabal was not teachable, so her entreaty fell on deaf ears, v. 17)

wise, while not self-reliant

burdened by environment, by covenant with Nabal, and/or by the idea of being stuck

adjusting to life without Nabal, once God removes him

where the “grass is greener” (with David), but falls in line as 2nd wife

prepared for the redemptive work in times of crisis

unlikely to reveal her true heart because of years of Nabal’s treatment (We do not hear her authentic voice in 1 Samuel 25, but we know one is there by the skill, caution and wisdom used to entreat David.)

These are the Kingdom Queens who should meet me November 1st at 6PM for chamber time with the King. Over time Abigail’s heart can become hard, calloused, and even resentful for her prolonged exposure to (process in) foolishness. The restlessness and lack of support can be crippling over time.

Before Abigail, by sheer exhaustion and weariness, becomes the thing she’s successfully resisted all this time…the King wants her heart. Abigail, this is your time with the King. So please, make plans to be with us and unburden your heart.

There is a small team of women who will join me in creating an environment where you can breathe. We want to share God’s love with you, and pray for your heart. Single or married, if your name is Abigail, then we want you to join us. 

Saturday, November 1st @ 6PM

2503 Obenchain Street • Dallas, Texas 75212

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