Safe in My Pocket (devotional)

dressed up babyThis week I thought I misplaced my debit card. When I retraced my steps I should have had it. Only slightly annoyed, i looked in my purse, my car and my every day bag. Nothing. My mother gave me ideas on where to search. Then later that night she rode with me to my church to see if the debit card was there. Nope, nada.

Upon arriving home, I stuck my hands in my jacket pockets and the “oops” look came across my face. While I used energy, time and gas looking for my debit card, it was safely tucked away in my jacket pocket — yes, the jacket I was wearing. The card was with me during all my searches. A little personal embarrassment is worth it if you’ll just check your pockets as well.

Are you tearing apart your car (life, ministry) looking for what’s in your pocket?

Are you wasting time and energy looking other places for what you think you lost, but is really in your pocket?

If all is well with you, then I rejoice. But if you needed this reminder, then Royal One, just check your pockets. Look closely at your life and see that you never lost your access, your value, your buying power in the Kingdom. It’s still close to you, even on your person. If all your searches are turning up empty, then try checking your pockets — you’ll likely find it was there all the time, and that in haste you chose a temporary place to store your God-given treasure.

time to inspireThis experience left me inspired to write a poem, but alas, I am no poet. Instead I offer a couple of haiku to memorialize the revelation. My prayer is that they spark some reflection on your end about staying seated in peace and where a real search will lead you — to truth.

While we searched all over
we failed to see the answer
safe in my pocket.
Mama said it first
wasting time was easier
I never lost it.

Selah, and love to all.

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